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Memorial Jewellery

In homage to the traditions surrounding All Saint's Day on 1st November and All Soul's Day the day after, I have taken a moment to look at memorial jewellery, paying tribute to loved ones who are sadly no longer with us.

Through subtle engravings, lockets, enamel work and bespoke creations, we have the opportunity to create pieces that revere the people we have once held so dear, treasuring their memory with bespoke jewellery that we can continue to hold close to our hearts.

"Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly"

Frida Kahlo

Never forgotten, we all want to remember those we have lost and to keep their memory for our lifetimes and beyond to future generations, and so it is with great respect and sensitivity that I design memorial jewellery for many of my clients.

Annie Locket for treasured photos

This special locket with space for four photographs enclosed can be engraved with names, dates or even a beloved quote.

Engraved Pendants to hold close

There are options to design bespoke pendants, including engraving dates, initials, a handwritten message, a fingerprint or an enamel illustration of a loved one.

Discrete engraved Decimus ring

For a ring that can be engraved, there's the Decimus, which can have a name and date discreetly inscribed on the inside of the silver or gold band.

Bespoke rings

We also work with clients to create special mourning rings, or pendants, if they choose to protect ashes within their jewellery.

Forget-Me-Not necklace

Queen Victoria gave her bridesmaids at her wedding 'Forget Me Nots' to wear and this story inspired these pendants.

If you would like to contact the showroom to discuss a piece of Memorial jewellery, please email us on

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