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Sustainability at Cassandra Goad

As an independent brand, Cassandra Goad has the autonomy to take a very personal and transparent approach to creating jewellery, with accountability for each and every piece from its original conception and design through to its production and journey to our customer.

At each stage of this journey we are committed to making environmentally and socially conscious decisions, understanding the importance of working with natural resources in a more responsible manner within an industry that, historically, is flooded with fast over-production and unsustainable practices.

Our Approach

A slow and considered process

By nature of our curated collections and our bespoke work, our production process is slow and considered, as all of our designs are produced depending on clients' wishes, many of which are one-offs and completely unique jewels. Often, we transform old heirlooms into bespoke pieces or give new life to old stones.

Each aspect of producing a bespoke jewel requires a different skill, from the gemstone cutter, to the designer, mounter, setter, enameller, polisher and engraver and so it is rare for a design to be completed in less than 6-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, for our own stock jewels, we prefer to make a few key pieces for every collection and work with clients on special orders. This helps us to minimise over production and any wastage of raw materials.

Responsibly sourced materials

It is important to be mindful when you are sourcing suppliers and Cassandra finds most of her gemstones on her travels, sourcing stones from small independent gemstone dealers and stone cutters who she has personally worked with for nearly 35 years.

Cassandra sources many of the rarer and more unusual gemstones directly from the mines in their country of origin, working closely with gemstone merchants who hand-pick each stone. This way she can be sure of each stone's authenticity and how they were originally found and sourced.

All Cassandra Goad diamonds are certified under The Kimberley Process and any diamonds over 0.5 carats are certificated by GIA or IGI.

Cassandra is committed to using recycled gold as far as possible in the jewellery she creates. She also recycles a great number of stones from clients in her bespoke work, advocating that second hand and refurbished pieces bring enduring quirks, charm and personality to a design space.


Cassandra Goad's design ethos is built on creating beautiful and timeless jewels that can be worn across generations. The materials we use are not only durable, they are designed in such a way they can be passed down from grandmother to granddaughter.

To boost this longevity of our jewels, we have a unique concept of interchangeability. Throughout all of the collections, our considered designs give our clients options to wear pieces in multiple ways. Switch earring drops on our classic Astrea hoop earrings or refresh your Halo studs with a new stone.

Any Cassandra Goad jewel can be repaired, restored, and recycled in one of our workshops in order to extend the lifespan of every piece and ensure each design, whether it's from the core collections or a bespoke project, will be cherished forever.


Cassandra is working towards all of her packaging being sustainable and recyclable.


We are committed to training young craftsmen and specialists, giving them opportunities to learn and improve their skills in the world of jewellery. Cassandra is currently working with a young apprentice on her masterpiece, helping with design, sourcing of stones and enabling the apprentice to work in 18ct gold and know that her creation will become a piece of jewellery to be worn and enjoyed for generations.

Bespoke creations

If you would like to bring in some of your unworn jewels to discuss the ways you can give them new life with Cassandra, please contact the store on Sloane Street on: 0207 730 2202

Find out more about our bespoke work on our website here.

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