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You may delight in your personal birthstone, or you may resonate with another stone's particular powers. Gemstones have captivated us with their rarity, purity and dextrous mastery of light from ancient times, and so these jewels over the centuries have naturally acquired many stories and symbolic meanings. Whichever design you are most drawn towards, discover the strengths these gems will light up within you. The beguiling beauty of birthstones transcends physical splendour and enters a realm of extraordinary meaning, each jewel enriched with healing powers and protective energies, as enthralling as they are unique.

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January - Garnet

Originating from the Latin name "granatus", meaning seed-like, Garnets bring to mind a perfectly polished pomegranate seed. This gleaming gemstone has a high refraction index, perpetually emitting light. No wonder it is said to have guided travellers throughout history, protecting against nightmares, as its light wards off all darkness and fears. Imbued with energy, self-love, and willpower, the traditionally resplendent red colour enriches its wearer with faith, stability and courage, motivating you and bringing passion to everything you set your heart to.

February - Amethyst

Adorn yourself in a royal Amethyst, famed for its enchanting deep purple colour and grounding, peaceful nature. Taken from the Greek word "amethystos", meaning sober, this gemstone has illustrious calming properties, protecting its wearer and guarding against worries and difficulties with a sense of tranquility. Wear this stone to enhance your focus, release your mental state from any affliction, and open your mind to critical thinking and clarity.

March - Aquamarine

Traditionally believed to protect seafarers on voyages far away, Aquamarine is suffused with feelings of hope and courage, saturated in the mystical blue and green colours of the ocean. Synonymous with the month of March and the surge of Spring, it embodies youth, good health and new friendships, bringing waves of happiness and dispelling any negative energy with its healing properties.

April - Diamond

April shares its birthstone with one of the most renowned and romantic gems of all, the diamond. A symbol of eternal love famed since ancient Greece, this sparkling icon is sure to get hearts racing. Yes really! Not only are diamonds breathtaking to look at, these jewels are believed to increase energy, detoxify the body from impurities, and bring you inner courage.

May - Emerald

Vividly green, the hues of striking Emeralds bring to mind the essence of rebirth and growth in May, as leaves grow more plentiful and the natural world is abundant with new life. Honouring the Goddess of Love and Beauty Venus in Ancient Roman times, this gemstone is a prominent symbol for fertility, patience and wealth, as well as improving health and curing illness. With magical qualities, an enchanting Emerald may also bestow its wearer with the power to see into the future!

June - Pearl

Enraptured by the pearl's luminescent shades, the Ancient Greeks once believed these gems were tears of joy from Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. The only gemstone to be produced by a living organism, this birthstone epitomises incredibly rare and unique wonders in nature, the perfect symbol for this essence of purity and modesty. If you're embarking on a creative project and need to calm any nerves and anxieties, be sure to unlock the powers of a precious pearl.

July - Ruby

The resplendent red of a Ruby, striking and spectacular, radiates with love, health, and physical strength. Absorbing natural light, this gemstone symbolically soaks up the powers of the sun. Wear in the heat of July, and your red Ruby will blaze with strength and passion, protecting you from negativity, misfortune and evils.

August - Peridot

Celebrate the prosperity and happiness a precious Peridot can bring you, welcoming new beginnings and paving the way for courage, wealth and wisdom. This gemstone, glimmering in light-green, is believed to strengthen your immune system and protect your aura, while guarding you from evil and negative vibrations. Guiding you with healing powers, gifting you inspiration, a Peridot brings balance to your life, so you can look after yourself and others.

September - Sapphire

With great powers of wisdom, serenity and purity, a Sapphire is the perfect shield for wearing all year round, with each colour embodying its own unique sense of wisdom. Regarded as a gemstone for healing and reducing pain, with intensely calming properties, it's no wonder the Sapphire's deep, mystical hues have a captivating quality.

October - Opal & Tourmaline

Esteemed as a "precious jewel", with origins from the Latin word opalus, the Opal is a beguiling birth stone, as precious as it is playful. Opaque in nature, this gem reveals a fascinating array of colours when twisted in the light. Symbolising creativity, confidence, hope and faithfulness, wearing an Opal will soothe your mind, and strengthen your memory. Another birthstone for October, with similar healing and restorative qualities, is the Tourmaline. This calming stone, inspiring confidence and compassion, can also display a mesmerising multitude of colours at a time, from blacks and reds to forest greens. Turn to our pink Tourmalines for an emblem of friendship and unconditional love, or delight in the vibrant green Tourmalines to harmonise your internal energies.

November - Citrine & Topaz

Cassandra Goad's Citrine stones are burnished in shades of yellow, from clear glistening yellows to flaming oranges. Taken from the French "citron", lemon, a Citrine gemstone emulates the vitality and freshness of the vivid yellow fruit, as a symbol for prosperity, success, and imagination. Used as protection against evil thoughts, a Citrine will strip away your negativity and give you a new-found zest for creativity and exciting pursuits. Topaz is another birthstone for November, traditionally associated with Jupiter in Hindu Traditions, and with its name deriving from the Greek 'Topazios,' an island in the red sea. Topaz symbolises love and affection and will bestow its wearer strength and intelligence.

December - Blue Topaz, Tanzanite & Turquoise

December's birthstones are especially healing, as we reach the end of the year and reflect on the months gone by. Glowing with the gift of peace, a Blue Zircon is highly protective and will help your mind and body feel restored. A precious jewel for meditation, a Tanzanite will also help you overcome any obstacles and aids communication and problem solving. Emitting spiritually soothing vibrations, its infinite blue and violet shades are so lustrous they look like velvet. Similar in spirit is spellbinding Turquoise. Another birthstone to choose from in December believed to help you build connections, radiating with happiness and good fortune.