Cassandra's Wishlist

Dear Father Christmas...

This year my Christmas wishlist features classic jewels like my Beaumarchais chain necklace and my red Decimus stack, as well as my latest Quote pendant, featuring the last line of a poem read by the Queen 'The Golden Thread of Courage has no End....'.

Discover my full wishlist below and start thinking about yours....

1. Pomegranate Large Ruby And Diamond Gold Pendant

2. Beaumarchais Figaro Gold Necklace

3. Decimus Red Enamel Diamond and Gold Ring

4. Raffia Triple Drop Diamond Gold Earrings

5. The Golden Thread Quote Pendant

6. Mosaic Astrantia Gold and Diamond Bracelet

7. Tagliatelle Mixed Diamond Ring

8. Porte Ouvrant Large Gold and Diamond Pendant

9. Mashrabiya Trellis Pearl Gold Hoop Earrings

10. Zellije Large Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant to wear with my Isla chain

11. Basket Gold Aquamarine Interchangeable Studs

12. Multi Aeneus Gemstone Ring

13. Astrantia yellow gold diamond earrings

14. Talya Five Stone Diamond White Gold Necklace

15. Topkapi One & Aeternitas Etoile Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

16. Madrid Large Red Garnet and Pearl Cross

17. Safiyya Diamond White Gold Hoop Earrings

18. Fez Earcreeper Gold and Chrome Diopside Earrings

19. Basket Silver Cufflink for my husband

20. Oval Gold Cufflinks for our wedding anniversary