Gift Ideas for the Impossible to buy for...

We are here to help

Some ideas for when you are a little stuck with what to give a loved one... Our team are on hand to help you find the perfect gift. With a little information about the recipient, we are confident we can find them something they will cherish forever.

Eternity Rings for Everlasting Love

Eternity rings are a symbol of everlasting love. Opting for a loved ones favourite colour or their birthstone is thoughtful reminder you are with them always. You could even have one to symbolise each of your children.

For Mothers

Motherhood is something to be truly celebrated. Why not honour them with St Anne the Patron Saint of mothers, the initial of a child or their birthstone. We can even create a Bespoke silhouette of a child and make it into a bracelet or pendant.

For Chocolate Lovers

"I designed my Cocoa pod jewel as a swivelling locket, revealing and hiding its treasure as it opens and closes. A jewel for any chocaholic!"

For your Cherished wife

My Brinjal marriage pendant is inspired by the sacred Thali (charms) on an Indian marriage necklace. These necklaces traditionally feature an array of seed pods, spices and fruits and are part of a marriage dowry.

This pendant can serve as a light hearted reminder of your marriage and love for each other.

For those who Lose Things

"St. Anthony, please look around; something is lost and must be found."

For those that are forever looking for their keys or belongings, St Anthony will help you find them!

For Tennis Fans

It is a little known fact that there is a pineapple on top of the Wimbedon trophy. No one has ever officially confirmed why, but many believe it is due to pineapples being a rare and exotic fruit in the late 19th century and thus a symbol of success.

Our Pina pendant and ring could serve as a subtle nod to a love of the game for tennis players and fans alike.

Birthstones for the sentimental

Birthstones are a wonderful way nod to someone's birthday or the birthday of a loved one.

For Travellers

St Christophe, the patron Saint of Travellers.

For those embarking on a new adventure, St Christophe will remind you of those that love you.

For those embarking on a new chapter

There is nothing more exciting than starting something new, whether it is a new job, living abroad or a new chapter in your life.

To mark this moment, may we suggest ...

... a Porte Ouvrant necklace, doors are a symbol of new beginnings, and this one swivels open leading you onwards...

... a Quote pendant engraved with 'You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' ...

...a St Christopher pendant (he is the patron saint of travellers).

For Sailors

Aquamarine is known as the sailor's gem ensuring safe travels across the seas. For those that are happiest on water, we have some bouyant suggestions.

For Musicians

For music lovers, why not let St Cecilia watch over a loved one with the gift of a St Cecilia pendant. She is the patron saint of musicians and poets.

... Or my Pandeiro pendant inspired by the pandeiros (tambourines) I saw on my journey to Brazil...

Finally my Quote pendant Love the Life... Features the words of Bob Marley: "Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love".

For Animal Lovers

St Francis, the Patron Saint of Animals, was an Italian friar whose devotion to animals was so strong it's said he even preached to the birds.

For Lovers of Architecture

Whether your loved one is an architect, has recently completed home renovations or loves nothing more than visiting National Trust properties, the Caracal is a subtle nod to this. Inspired by a staircase, that looks like a snail's shell, it can serve as a little reminder of the beauty of the built environment.

Cassandra Classics

A selection of jewels you can never go wrong with. Timeless, elegant and the foundations of any jewellery box.

Why not mix it up....

For someone who likes both silver and gold.

Quote Pendants

Cassandra's quote pendants, bracelets and key rings are a collection of quotes from inspiring people. They serve as reminders of hope, possibility and adventure.