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One early morning in May I sat out eating breakfast on the terrace in Marrakech, looking out over the city. The early call of the muezzin had broken the silence and with pencil and notebook I was absorbing the city that stretched out before me. The box-like architecture reminding me of the cuboid jagged edges of fluorite crystals. The Journey had begun...

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Indiviudally threaded by hand in our workshop, each little tassle of Raffia delicately moves as you move, catching the light like the wispy raffia baskets of the Moroccan Medina...

Porte Ouvrant

Inspired by Marrakech's most famous and beautiful gate, Bab Agnaou, Cassandra created this design so that the door swivels and turns in its frame.

"The French turn of phrase, Porte Ouvrant, reminds us that the door is not just opened, but opening."


Porte Ouvrant: The Doors of Marrakech

"The beautiful key-hole shape of the Moorish doors always seems to invite one to look in, to enquire and to wonder. In the bustling Medina with my sketch book I imagined doorways with swivelling doors and through them I created new imaginary vistas."

Mosaic Astrantia

Cassandra's Astrantia bracelet is set with diamonds and beautiful facetted aquamarines. Echoing both the Moroccan mosaics and the delicate Astrantia design, this elegant bracelet meanders like a path through the medina.


Inspired by the concave spiraling baskets of Morocco.

"For the sake of a single rose, the gardener becomes servant to a thousand thorns"

Moroccan Proverb
Mashrabiya Trellis

From the mashrabiya trellises carved in wood found in windows and gardens all over Morocco

Mashrabiya Trellis: The Design Story

"In Morocco the mashrabiya trellis screens are ubiquitous, shielding women from view. The repetitive geometric pattern of squares was a lovely shape to work with and build into earrings and bracelets. I made my Mashrabiya Trellis necklaces from the square box shape and set stones into the sides. And for earrings and the rings I set stones in the centre of the square."

The Zellije Design

Small hand-made tiles come together in the geometric Zellije style and adorn palace walls throughout Morocco. Like an optical illusion, the patterns of zellije appear. Whirling stars that link like cartwheels one to another.


Pomegranate: Design Story

The pomegranate is one of the most treasured fruits in Morocco and is thought to be medicinal to both the body and the soul. It has even been said to heal a broken heart. Cassandra's large Pomegranate pendant sparkles with pave set diamonds and slides open to reveal a treasure of inlaid cabochon rubies like the inside of the Morrocan fruit of paradise.


Cassandra's delicate Safiyya earrings take their inspiration from the intricate pierced Moroccan brass lanterns that she caught sight of on her travels across North Africa.

Safiyya: Design Story

Leaving a delicate scattering of light across courtyards in the evenings, the lanterns immediately intrigued Cassandra's design thoughts. With pavé set diamonds, which curve gently to the outer edge, the earrings resemble the tiny glinting beads of light which escaped from the brass Moroccan lanterns.


Talya, meaning 'dew from God' in Hebrew, was inspired by the tiny droplets on the gates of the Bab Agnou in Morocco.