Zodiac Guide

Cassandra's celestial Zodiac pendants illuminate the individual nature of each and every star sign. These symbolic designs, where traditional motifs meet time-honed artisanship, capture the enthralling characteristics within us all.

Centuries of History...

The concept of the zodiac originated from Babylonian astronomy in the 1st millenium BC. This knowledge was then passed to many cultures, from Ancient Greece and then to India where the Hindu zodiac evolved. On Cassandra's journey to India she discovered this beautiful set of gold Zodiac coins, made for the son of Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. She was inspired by their worn, old Roman coin feel and so designed her Zodiac collection based on them.

Winter Zodiacs

Adventurous and energetic Sagittarius (X-Y), the Centaur Archer is the perfect emblem for your daring desires, pointing its bow and arrow high, aiming for the stars and seeking the wildest pursuits. Indulge your wanderlust and propensity for journeying with the protection of this zodiac pendant. One of the most sensational storytellers of the zodiac, your free-spirited and philosophically-inquisitive nature has to be celebrated. Ambitious and honourable Capricorn, delight in the inner energies of the emblematic Goat. The goat is a symbol that playfully brings to life your rigour and tenacity. Just as a Goat will climb to the highest peaks, persevering in the face of narrow paths to reach the purest air, so too will you rise and reap rewards. In harmony with your ruler Saturn, a planet with firm foundations and structure, this pendant connects you to Capricorn's sense of serenity and stability, always with room for a bit of character and fun. Creative and generous Aquarius, adorn yourself with the motif of the Water Bearer and allow your special and innovative characteristics to cascade from within you. Emboldened by rebellion and surprise from ruler Uranus, you take great pleasure in pursuing your destined path with a sense of freedom, always one step ahead of the curve. Harness this power and wear your pendant with pride, illuminating your gleaming sense of genius.

Spring Zodiacs

Celebrating new life in Spring with the Zodiacs for Pisces, Aries & Taurus. Dreamy and compassionate Pisces, just as the Fish loves to explore the depths of the ocean, so too are you enraptured by sensational depths of emotion, intuition, imagination and creativity. Your levels of empathy and feeling know no bounds, with ancient astrologers declaring Pisces to be a compilation of all eleven signs coming before it. So, be guided by this wisdom, faith, and hope, and make your pendant the only chain in your life, unlocking your mind to pursue your visions and dreams. Spirited and valiant Aries, celebrate your fiery sign with this zodiac pendant, emblazoned with the tenacious Ram. A confident and natural-born leader, you are always blazing with enviable energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Let this necklace serve as a reminder of your strength, as you drive decisively towards your goals. Loving and loyal Taurus, this emblematic pendant radiates with traits of your personality, from your strength to sensuality. Known as the master builder of the zodiac, the signature Bull brings to life your sense of practicality and steadfast nature. At the same time, the meticulous artistry of the engraving and lustrous shine of the metal illuminates your love for the sensory, with your keen eye for craftsmanship and highest quality materials.


Passionate and noble Leo, here is a pendant as expressive and striking as you are, celebrating your warm and loving nature, that enriches you and everybody around you. Ruled by the sun, you are a natural entertainer with an appetite for uniqueness and dramatic design. Shimmering in these warm rays of sunlight, people are drawn to your sparkling wit and sense of style. The engraving captures the unmistakable beauty of the mystical Lion, as well as the magnetic energy of any Leo's personality. Enigmatic and imaginative Cancer, honour your intuitively dazzling and caring nature with a prized zodiac pendant. Just as a Crab creates comfort and safety within its shell, so too can this pendant protect you and your loving personality. Reflecting light like your ruler the Moon, it gleams with mystical sheen and is a treasure to cherish forever.

For Autumn

Passionate and mysterious Scorpio, unlock your powerful aura through this precious pendant. The emblematic Scorpion encapsulates your fearless nature, while the glimmering metals reflect your infinite depths as a water sign, sensual and mystifying. Unpredictable, while passionately loyal in nature, showcase the Scorpio's dynamic and impressive sense of self with an equally distinctive pendant. Charming and diplomatic Libra, draw inspiration from these intricately engraved Scales, capturing your affinity for balance, compromise and measure. Surround yourself with this sense of beauty, and adorn yourself with a unique pendant, as you find polish, refinement and harmony every where you go. Wise and caring Virgo, keep this zodiac emblem close to your heart and be guided by the Goddess of Nature. Striving towards exceptional levels of perfection, you are born at a traditional time of harvest, unveiling enviable qualities of industriousness, focus and productivity. Radiate, dazzle and unearth this energy, wearing a pendant that is as enchanting as you.