Autumn Amulets

Autumnal Jewels

As Autumn unfolds, discover Cassandra's amulets. Amulets are thought to bring good fortune and protect the wearer.

Our Pomegranate

Inspired by the natural pomegranates so beloved in Morocco as a fruit of Paradise promising fertility, beauty and eternal life.

Cocoa Pod

''The first time I saw a Cocoa pod was in Chuao in Venezuela around 1984. Arriving by boat we walked up through the steamy jungle to the small village where the villagers were preparing for the feast of Corpus Christi. The deep raspberry coloured, gnarled pods hung under the canopy of verdant leaves.

I designed my Cocoa pod jewel as a swivelling locket , revealing and hiding its treasure as it opens and closes. A jewel for any chocaholic!''