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Remix the Classics

Your guide to Cassandra Goad chains. Whether you want a chain that is simple and delicate or one that makes a statement, there are plenty to choose from - find your favourite.

"The fluidity of chains makes them sit beautifully around the neck or wrist. Their flexibility comes from the many links they are composed of, enabling movement in almost any direction."

Cassandra Goad

"One of the first pieces of jewellery to own is a chain. It will look good when worn alone, or when embellished with a pendant or maybe a cluster of them from your travels.''

Cassandra Goad
Inspired By Hidden Details

Our Correo chain bracelet in 9ct yellow gold is inspired by the railings of the Correo in Madrid. Cassandra walked past the building everyday when she lived here in Madrid.

The bold sinuous twists and turns were a challenge to echo in the workshop and the resulting links are open and generous and unusual.

''It was the Italian architect Fioravanti who designed the Dormition Cathedral, with it's golden onion domes that glint in the sun. I remember looking down and seeing on the floor a series of grilles with exotic patterns, I loved the spirals, like the tendrils of a vine twisting along the ironwork…. And in time they became the Fioravanti bracelet.''

Cassandra Goad