Iguminov Ruby Cufflinks

Available to Order From £2,740.00

Iguminov double ended cufflinks in 9ct yellow gold set with ruby cabochon ends. I was waiting at the French Lycee school one afternoon in Moscow with the snow falling heavily around me. As I leaned back against the Iguminov house that had been built by a merchant who had covered the house in polychromatic tiles, I dusted the snow off a window sill. There beneath the snow I saw a wonderful 'bosse', I sketched it quickly with frozen fingers and once back in the workshop reworked the pattern into a necklace and bracelet link , and later into cufflinks. The design allow the cross hatch pattern to be highly polished leaving the recesses matt so giving the design depth and sparkle. It has become one of my classic signature designs. From the Journey to Russia.

Each cufflink barrel measures approximately 14x9mm.

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