Fioravanti Gold Bracelet
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Fioravanti large 9ct yellow gold bracelet. From the Journey to Russia.

This bracelet measures approximately 7.5 inches long.

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Fioravanti Gold Bracelet


The Italian designer Fioravanti came to Russia at the time of Ivan III around 1475 and created beautiful detailing inside the Cathedral of the Assumption. It was when I was first in the Kremlin that I admired his beautiful ironwork patterns, tendrils spiralling around gateways and generous ornate - almost calligraphic - swirls in grilles. Days of sketches followed that filled my notebooks. Sketches that seemed impossible to translate into jewels at the time. But once back in London I spent days at the bench turning gold wire into looping tendrils and my designs named after the great Fioravanti took life!

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