Soyez Mysterieuses Gold Quote Bracelet
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Quote bracelet in 9ct yellow gold: 'Soyez mysterieuses'. From the words engraved in wood by the French artist Paul Gauguin on his house on Atuona in the Marquesas islands in French Polynesia. From the journey to France.

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Quote Pendants

Cassandra's quote pendants began when her cousin Matilda Goad asked Cassandra to engrave some words from her grandmother. Not wanting the words to be easily readable by others , Cassandra engraved the pendant ┬┤like the French arrondissements : en colimacon (like a snail, spiraling out from the centre) '. Soon, others followed : words of wisdom , encouragement and even prayers and Cassandra continues to add to her Quote pendants whenever she finds words that inspire her. Cassandra has also undertaken bespoke projects of quotes or words: they can be written in the writer's own handwriting, in any language and to any design. Through two of her Quote pendants Cassandra has found a way to 'give back': 'Onwards' for the Endeavour Fund and 'May Love abound all round' for Horatio's Garden.


Considered in Chinese culture to be the most notable of gems, jade is believed to possess magical properties that banish evil, protect, and preserve. Often used in carvings, this stone has an incredibly tough interlocking structure, but also a subtle beauty, its green shades ranging from pale hues and deep greens, to mottled green, purples, and whites.

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