Meson del Moro Single Ended Turquoise Enamel Cufflinks
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Meson del Moro single ended silver cufflinks with bar, enamelled turquoise. Inspired by the domes on the Meson del Moro, Sevilla. From the Journey to Spain.

The top of each cufflink measures approximately 12mm in diameter

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Meson Del Moro

Sevilla in the autumn has that golden light that bathes the walls in the afternoons, when the oranges are not quite ready to be harvested and their fruit hangs like small green baubles from the trees. It was on a walk one such afternoon that I came across the smooth angular walls of the Meson del Moro. Dotted all over its plaster surface are small decorated domes, like mini architectural cupcakes, each with a differing pattern. Some carved in the shape of a bird, others take the form of a geometric design. I sat and sketched in the dying sunshine of the day. Those memories and the sketches became small gold and silver 'cupcakes' on my workshop bench. I made Meson Del Moro cufflinks and filled the recesses of the pattern with the bright blue and green colours of enamels.

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