Fez Earcreeper Gold and Chrome Diopside Earrings
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Fez earcreeper in 9ct yellow gold set with facetted green chrome diopside. Inspired by the great historic tannery pools of Fez reached by the meandering path through the medina. From the journey to Morocco.

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There is a fascination with the medinas of Morocco and the meandering alleyways of Fez. It was early one morning when I had gone down to the tanneries and sat drinking mint tea that, sketch book in hand, I dreamt up my Fez earrings. The row of facetted stones, varying in size like the tannery pools, curls around the ear like the swirling paths through the medina.

Chrome Diopside

A rarely known gemstone, chrome diopside gleams in brilliantly vivid, bright green hues, a feature caused by the chromium element within it. A calcium magnesium silicate, with a relatively low hardness, it is best set as a pendant or earrings to avoid being scratched. Some stones have mesmerizing chatoyancy and asterism, as well as being magnetic.

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