Fire Coral Silver Earrings
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Fire Coral earrings in silver set with diamonds. Inspired by the coral I left drying in the sun on the beach at Celestun (near the long narrow estuary where the pink flamingoes gather ) and along the Mexican barrier reef and Sian Ka'an ( 'place where the sky is born ') biosphere at Punta Allen. From the Journey to Mexico.

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Fire Coral

Mexico's beaches reach out to the second largest barrier reef in the world where fish, turtles and dolphins swim freely amongst the incredible corals. The delicate twig like outlines of the corals and their beautiful movement in the currents inspired Cassandra to create the fire coral earrings where small diamonds lie hidden in their gently swaying branches.


Diamond- from the Greek 'adamas' means the unconquerable and so it is, being the hardest of all gemstones. From yellowish to green, red, pink and blue, diamonds are found in all colours in South Africa, Australia, as well as Namibia, Russia and China.

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