Fringe Aquamarine Yellow Gold Earrings
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Fringe 18ct yellow gold earrings set with aquamarine. Inspired by the Egyptian Pharaonic necklaces. From the Journey to Egypt.

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Inspired by the great layered Pharaonic necklaces,often depicted worn on pharaohs in their tombs. Every section of the necklace moves as it is strung on a fine chain allowing the necklace to follow the contours of the neck. From the Journey to Egypt.


Aquamarine with its hues of blue and green is known as the sailor's gem ensuring safe travels across the seas. It is the birthstone for March. The colour in aquamarine is due to the presence of iron in the beryl crystal lattice with the most important deposits being found throughout Brazil as well as in Africa where the colours of blue can almost be a pungent blue.

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