Iris Amethyst Interchangeable Hoop Earrings
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Iris 9ct yellow gold earrings pendants set with facetted amethyst on 9ct yellow gold Astrea hoops. The delicate petals of the Iris flowers on a lacquer pot inspired this pendant. From the Journey to Japan.

These earrings are part of Cassandra's interchangeable collection. If you already own jewels from this collection and only wish to buy part of the earring shown, please contact the showroom on 0207 730 2202.

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Japanese paintings often depict Irises or you may find them lacquered on cabinets. It was these designs that I saw on my travels to Japan that inspired my Iris necklace pendant - the small gold tips echoing the fine points at the ends of the flowers.‚ÄČ


Taken from the Greek word "amethystos", meaning sober; amethyst quartz has illustrious calming properties, protecting wearers with a sense of tranquillity and soberness. Famed for its regal deep purple colour, February's birthstone is said to enhance your focus and open your mind to critical thinking and clarity, and to also protect from inebriation. It is often worn by bishops set in a ring. Most are sourced from alluvial deposits in Brazil, Madagascar, Zambia and Uruguay, and Cassandra likes to juxtapose their splendour with rubies and aquamarine, or even green African garnets.

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