Kristin Diamond Studs
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Kristin studs in 18ct white gold with marquise set diamonds. Inspired by the story of Kristin Lavrandsdatter by Sigrid Unsett (Norwegian Nobel prizewinner). From the Journey to Scandinavia.

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"My travels through Scandinavia led me to the writings of the Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset and her extraordinary novel Kristin Lavransdatter set in 14th century Norway. This novel, written so beautifully about life in a village, makes you wonder at how little the essence of our relationships has changed since then.

The simplicity of my Kristin design is simple at first glance, like village life, but the marquise shapes hide a complex and beautiful interwoven setting of stones that make up their shape. "


Diamond- from the Greek 'adamas' means the unconquerable and so it is, being the hardest of all gemstones. From yellowish to green, red, pink and blue, diamonds are found in all colours in South Africa, Australia, as well as Namibia, Russia and China.

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