La Martorana Mosaic White Gold Hoop Earrings
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One of the most exquisite gems of Palermo is the church of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio, usually called La Martorana, which was built in 1143. The beautiful mosaic floors of this small church with its elegant Norman Campanile seem almost like delicate lace. Each of the intricate and colourful mosaics reflect the patchwork of cultures that is Sicily. Cassandra sat one afternoon after lunch, pencil and notebook in hand, in the cool of La Martorana and wondered how to tell the story of these mosaics in a jewel. The intricate pencil drawings of geometric patterns had a simplicity that Cassandra liked instantly- and unusually she decided not to add colour (imagining only small diamonds set sparkling as the minute tesserae of the mosaics instead). From the journey to Sicily.

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La Martorana Mosaic earrings in 18ct white gold set with diamonds 1cts. on Astrea hoops in 18ct white gold and diamonds. Each earring pendant measures approximately 18mm. These earrings are part of Cassandra's interchangeable collection.

Craftmanship and sourcing

Designed by Cassandra

Cassandra herself designs all her jewels and works closely with her stone cutters and craftsmen throughout the process from design through to creation including on her bespoke projects.


Ever in search of the unusual and rare, Cassandra travels the world to source beautiful gemstones, either in the rough or cut form.

Crafted to perfection

The craftsman works as an artist recreating the design in metal. The jewel is then mounted, assayed, polished and set.