Frangipani Medium Mother of Pearl Flower Earrings
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Medium Frangipani earrings in 9ct yellow gold with white Mother of pearl petals and diamond centre with post and clip. Inspired on the flowers of the same name. From the Journey to Brazil.

Frangipani, plumeria gems from Brazil,

Your exotic scent has us at your will.

Warm our sight with your tropical hues,

From your golden yellows to deepest lapis lazuli blues.

Each earring measures approximately 18mm in diameter.

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The frangipani is a soft, white, five petalled bloom with a tinge of pink that often lies on the ground around the tree, with a perfume that evokes all the magic and mystique of the tropics. I cut the stones for the petals in curved domes, faceting the opaque and translucent rough material so they would catch the sunlight. Designed to be worn all day, they weigh nothing. Delicate claws hold each petal in place around a small diamond. The diamond is like dew caught after a steamy rain forest night. Frangipani is made out of mother of pearl, blue chalcedony, green chrysoprase, and amethyst specially made for my 35th anniversary.

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