Rosetta Halo Blue Topaz Interchangeable Studs
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Rosetta halo in 18ct white gold pave set with diamonds with interchangeable 9ct white gold blue topaz Theresa studs. Inspired on the story of the race to decipher the hieroglyphics by Champollion and Thomas Young when the Rosetta stone was discovered in late 1800s. From the Journey to Egypt.

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A diamond set halo with the Theresa or Finita stud offset in the halo. This design takes the form of a 'glowing ' halo around the stud, echoing the glow around Champollion for deciphering the hieroglyphics. The race was between the Frenchman Champollion vs the Englishman Thomas Young. The Rosetta stone, a large slab of black basalt was found in 1799 by French soldiers digging at the site of the city of Rosetta, on the west branch of the Nile near the Mediterranean.

Blue Topaz

Topaz is an Aluminum fluoro- hyrdroxyl- silicate that occurs in large crystals mostly in Brazil. Its slightly turquoise blue hue, is similar to that of aquamarine. It is perhaps this colour that makes it the stone symbolising friendship and love, honest and fidelity. It is the birthstone for November.

Craftsmanship and Sourcing

All Cassandra Goad jewellery is designed and made in the workshops in London.
As a gemmologist, the chemical composition and properties of gemstones have always fascinated Cassandra. Ever in search of the unusual and rare, she travels the world to source beautiful gemstones, either in the rough or cut form. The craftsman works as an artist recreating the design in metal, his interpretation is vital to the overall feel of the jewel. The jewel is then mounted, assayed , polished and set. Many of Cassandra's jewels can be hand engraved with a personal message to make a unique bespoke gift.


Roses have been known since ancient times and Cleopatra is said to have prepared her barge with rose petals' before meeting Anthony... the Rose designs were inspired both by Cassandra's love of roses and this epic story. Reading the story of Lord Carnarvon, the Rosetta stone, of Champollion and his race to read the hieroglyphics, the Alice letters were born- now a well loved jewel of Cassandra's Classic Collection.