La Quintessenza Pearl Necklace
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La Quintessenza necklace in 9ct yellow gold and set with pearls, graduated to lie flat around the neck. The Quintessence, meaning the five elements Earth, fire, water, air and ether, comes from a section of stone work (some volcanic and presumably from Mount Etna) on the inner wall of the Cloister at Monreale Cathedral, Palermo built by William II of Sicily in 1174. From the Journey to Sicily.

The necklace measures approximately 16'' in length.

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La Quintessenza

I noticed a changing pattern in the stonework of the wall inside the cloisters of Monreale. It alternated from white limestone to a black pumice in a beautiful undulation. I sketched it out in my notebook as I sat in the sun with my back to the mosaic columns of the cloisters representing the four elements. I recreated the pattern in gold with pearls and named it La Quintessenza after the fifth.

Craftmanship and sourcing