Foz do Iguacu Gold and Sapphire Pendant
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Foz do Iguacu 9ct yellow gold necklace pendant with blue sapphire in a round, cabochon, rub over central setting - inspired by the water running over the edge of the Iguacu falls. From the Journey to Brazil.

This necklace pendant measures approximately 33mm x 25mm.

The pendant is shown here on a Belcher Light chain.

All Cassandra Goad pendants are sold without chains so that you may select the chain of your choice, both in style and length. If you would like to add a chain have a look at our selection here.

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Foz do Iguacu

The great cascades of water that gush over the rocks at the Foz do Iguacu waterfalls in Brazil create circular patterns as they fall thousands of feet below. The stripes of the gold in my Foz pendant was my way of creating that feeling of the falls. For my 35th anniversary, I made a new gold version set with a cabochon blue sapphire in the centre.


Sapphire's dazzling lustre ranges from deep velvet translucent depths to colourless transparency, in blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and colourless hues.

Originating in Sri Lanka, Australia and Myanmar, Cassandra often finds unusual colours and cuts on her travels, enraptured by rarer green sapphires in particular. Regarded as a healing corundum gemstone, with calming properties, it's no wonder sapphires appear in such captivating and mystical hues.

The birthstone for September; this protective gemstone is known to have create powers of serenity and purity, with each colour embodying its own unique sense of wisdom.

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