Cappella Palatina Large Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond Pendant
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Cappella Palatina necklace pendant in 18ct white gold and set with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. The Royal chapel of the Norman kings of Sicily was built by Roger II. The mosaics date from 1140, the inspiration for this design comes from the floor mosaics in the chapel. From the Journey to Sicily.

This pendant meaures approximately 50x44m.

All Cassandra Goad pendants are sold without chains so that you may select the chain of your choice, both in style and length. If you would like to add a chain have a look at our selection here.

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Cappella Palatina

This extraordinary chapel now in the administrative buildings of Palermo and so not always easy to access, is a gem. It tells stories of its history through its art: from Moors, to Normans, to Spanish and more. Inside, the mosaics are endless. On floors, on walls and even the ceiling - It is a Moorish work of art.


Diamond- from the Greek 'adamas' means the unconquerable and so it is, being the hardest of all gemstones. From yellowish to green, red, pink and blue, diamonds are found in all colours in South Africa, Australia, as well as Namibia, Russia and China.

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