Baguette Amethyst Gold Ring
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Baguette ring in 9ct yellow gold set with baguette cut lilac amethyst. The name is a pun on the french word bague-tte and inspired on the ancient Egyptian swivelling rings.

From the journey to France.

This ring measures approximately 21x26x11mm.

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The playful linguistic interplay between the French word for ring (bague), the iconic baguette-cut diamond, and the beloved edible French baguette was simply too brilliant to miss for Cassandra Goad's "La Belle France" collection.

Combining all of these witty nuances within one singular striking composition, Cassandra created her "Baguette". A ring unlike any you will have seen before, this design is full of life. Quite literally, this ring will roll on your finger because of the moving mechanism on either side of the gemstone. It is surprising and spirited, supple and stylish all at the same time.


Taken from the Greek word "amethystos", meaning sober; amethyst quartz has illustrious calming properties, protecting wearers with a sense of tranquillity and soberness. Famed for its regal deep purple colour, February's birthstone is said to enhance your focus and open your mind to critical thinking and clarity, and to also protect from inebriation. It is often worn by bishops set in a ring. Most are sourced from alluvial deposits in Brazil, Madagascar, Zambia and Uruguay, and Cassandra likes to juxtapose their splendour with rubies and aquamarine, or even green African garnets.

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