Ozymandias Blue Topaz & Iolite Gold Ring
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While in Egypt, Cassandra kept thinking of those pharaohs in their tombs, so she decided to set the stones of her Ozymandias ring in their own long and golden cases. Bound by 'golden' pillars of strength that are retold so well in Shelley's famous poem: 'Ozymandius' and that Cassandra has pinned up her in studio, she created her Ozymandias ring. The four diamonds are the protective eyes keeping watch over the ring. From the journey to Egypt.

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Ozymandias 18ct yellow gold ring rub over set with blue topaz 3.61cts. and a pair of iolite 2.34cts. and diamonds between two gold bands. The face of the ring measures approximately 12mm. Personalisation available

Craftmanship and sourcing

Designed by Cassandra

Cassandra herself designs all her jewels and works closely with her stone cutters and craftsmen throughout the process from design through to creation including on her bespoke projects.


Ever in search of the unusual and rare, Cassandra travels the world to source beautiful gemstones, either in the rough or cut form.

Crafted to perfection

The craftsman works as an artist recreating the design in metal. The jewel is then mounted, assayed, polished and set.