Animals of India

There are peacocks everywhere in India: decorating palaces in niches, as carriages, and in wall paintings.

So no wonder I was inspired to create a peacock brooch and earrings.

Peacock Earring Pendants...

I always think the magical part of a feather is the ruffle, that subtle movement of the silken 'cloak' that covers birds of any feather.

I was inspired too by a delicate peacock brooch given by Empress Eugenie to Princess Victoria Mary around 1893 where the interlocking barbs seemed to have a delicate ripple.

In the workshop we recreated this effect by 'stringing' the diamond set barbs along the vane down the centre, allowing a little movement side to side.

Owl Cufflinks...

An antique owl pendant covered in turquoises was the beginning inspiration for creating my 'wise owl' design.

I loved the deep concave scoops for his eyes and once the outline shape was made, there was no need for decoration. He was perfect in his simplicity.

Ranthambhor Elephant Pendant

The elephant design came from afternoons looking at old sketches of Mughal battles on elephants. My Ranthambor elephant is running, his long body extended out which creates a lovely shape amidst a group of pendants.

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