A Jeweller’s Moroccan Dictionary

1. Todrha

Silver deposits were found in the Todrha and Ziz valleys in Morocco by the Jewish Craftsmen. Silver symbolises feminine beauty and virginity for a bride.

2. Majorelle

The exquisite and colourful gardens that Jacques Majorelle, the artist, created in Marrakech. Vivid blues patchwork with spinach greens and golden yellows

3. Amlou

The Berber's Nutella: ground almonds mixed with honey and argan oil.

4. Niello

A black mixture of sulphur with silver, lead, or copper used to bring out intricate designs in silverware. The black paste fills the recessed areas marking a strong contrast to silver.

5. Zayane

The Zayane are an Amazigh tribe of Morocco in the area of Khénifra in the Middle Atlas mountains. They speak Central Atlas Tamazight language.

6. Baraka

Baraka is the Arabic word for blessing.

7. Ksar

Ksar, qsars, ksour or qsour are all terms meaning a fortified village of the Amzigh tribes in Morocco.

8. Maghreb

The Maghreb region (Arabic meaning: 'the place of the setting sun') includes Algeria, Libya, Mauritania (also considered part of West Africa), Morocco and Tunisia.

9. Igoudar

Berber granaries or Igoudar (some dating from 10th century), are like huge communal vaults where each family had their own locked space to store grain, documents, carpets and other valuables.

10. Ziz Silver

Ziz silver (notably hair ornaments) is made by the Amazigh living along the Ziz river that flows from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to Algeria.

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