A Jewellery Christmas...

As we face more restrictions with holidays, festive parties, and socialising being put on hold, Sarah Royce-Greensill from the Telegraph spoke to Cassandra about how Christmas this year could be all about investing in sentimental jewels.

"I think it's going to be a jewellery Christmas," says Cassandra, who is characteristically upbeat even in the circumstances. "It's been a difficult year for everybody, and it's an opportunity for all the husbands and boyfriends to say 'thank you' to all the wives, girlfriends and mothers who have just been unbelievable.

"Perhaps you'd usually invite your mum on holiday with you, but this year you haven't been able to so you might give her a piece of jewellery instead. Or club together and buy your great-aunt who you haven't seen for months a pendant to let her know you're thinking about her."

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It's not necessarily about spending a lot of money; it's about the sentiment.

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