Bespoke Transformations

Bespoke - Transformation

At Cassandra Goad we offer a unique bespoke journey, and unlike anywhere else it is truly bespoke for you.

Cassandra is celebrated for her passion for breathing new life into old jewels. Inherited diamond brooches that sit ignored and unworn, out of fashion rings that are hidden untouched in jewellery boxes, and wedding presents cherished but now rarely worn can be given a new opportunity.

Sentimental pieces can be brought up to date with small transformations. All this diamond brooch needed was a thorough clean and repolish, the centre pearl was replaced with a more contemporary aquamarine and the brooch was converted to a pendant to sit on a diamond chain.

Each piece of jewellery has an emotional attachment and over time your tastes might change but the jewel remains personal. Perhaps you might want to add some more stones to the dainty diamond solitare he proposed with, or maybe reunite gemstones that were split up decades before to make earrings into a three stone ring for an anniversary.

To celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary, this cuff was sprinkled with the beautiful diamonds from a traditional line bracelet that was given as a wedding present.

Or heirlooms can be completely redesigned keeping the sentiment in the stones. Grandma's lucky clover brooch was transformed into a ring that could be worn every day but kept the important family connection.

These brooches had been sitting for decades in the back of a drawer and have been recreated into something that will be worn and loved.

For more information on bespoke telephone us on 020 7730 2202, contact us here or visit us in our sloane street store to start your journey.

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