Cassandra's Classic Interchangeable Jewels

This is my Collection of Classics. I've created it having in mind the versatility of these jewels.

I have always wanted to offer you the kind of piece you can wear in the morning and take throughout your day to complement an evening dress. I hope you enjoy wearing the jewels of my Classics Collection as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Astrea Interchangeable Hoops

My Astrea design is a simple hoop (that sits snug on the ear) to be worn alone or with any of the interchangeable earring pendant designs. Its' 'kick back curl' adds personality to the design and ensures pendants swing in the perfect position.

Whether it is a simple gold or silver hoop or sprinkled with diamonds they go from day to night with the change of an earring pendant!

Nicole Stacking Rings

My Nicole stacking rings have a playful twist with their different colours of stones. Not only do the stones change colour with these whimsical rings but the mixing of metals in the design around the settings and on the band (around the finger) can change too. Allowing for silver rings with gold settings as well as all silver or all gold rings. Why not mix it up a little?

Halo Interchangeable Studs

I just love the idea of an interchangeable piece of jewellery. It gives you the miraculous ability to transform for instance, a simple stud like my classic Finitaand Theresadesigns into a more intricate evening jewel with one of my Halos.

My Halo collection has built up throughout my journeys, starting with the classic design of the Stella Halos and Quadro Halos to the Cactus Halos one of my latest designs.

Theresa Studs

My Theresa studs are classic stud earrings with a rub over setting for a contemporary look. I set them with peridots, amethyst, citrines and garnets and with rarer stones when I find them on my travels.

Finita Studs

Go simple. My Finita claw set stud earring design is simplicity itself, and this pretty, open setting lets the light pour in to the stones making them sparkle all day. And like Theresa they are part of my interchangeable collection of earrings becoming the centre of attention in my halos: purple amethyst Finita's sparkle even more with a Cactus diamond halo; green chrome diopside Finita's feel uplifted with the gold Shippo halo. Buy one, begin a collection, become an addict...

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