Cassandra's Inspirations behind La Belle France

We invite you to discover the inspirations behind Cassandra's latest collection La Bella France...

"Soyez Mystérieuses" … artist Paul Gauguin's famous quote echoes in Cassandra's mind as she puts pencil to paper and begins sketching out La Belle France designs.

Every collection begins with a country - an entirely new cultural, creative, architectural and natural landscape - and the opportunity to unravel and translate its stories one design at a time. Yet, despite working and living in France and visiting countless times, Cassandra knew that unlocking France's secrets would be no simple task.

Where else exists such a mastery of creative finesse and flair? From the subtly sensuous notes of a Parisian perfume to the playfully piquant flavours of haute cuisine… the expressive spirit of French art to the exceptional prowess of their haute couture… an effortless discernment of luxury and style pervades all areas of La Belle France.

As these various snapshots illustrate, Cassandra has travelled across the breadth of France, honing in closely to singular details and subtleties she notices on her trips, while distilling her own craft back home in the workshop. Now, it's time to capture that distinctly mysterious, and magical, essence of La Belle France - the raison d'être behind creating her new collection.

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