Cassandra's Weekly Guide On How To Get Through Quarantine...

We have closed our shop for the first time ever, while the daffodils are blooming all around England.

There will be some very challenging days ahead of us all so I thought I would share a little of how I plan to get through…

Week One

1. I plan to make a list of the things I have always wanted to do (and never had the time!)

2. I am going to plan my week ahead as I always do. I plan to get dressed like I do for the shop - lovely clothes always make you feel better! And always good to be prepared for video-conferencing

3. I mustn't forget to exercise . I love to exercise early in the morning and then feel 'on top of the world' by the time I get to my desk (after porridge and honey)

4. Think about your neighbours and how you could help them? Maybe leave them some flowers, give them a call or do their shopping for them (I wonder what their favourite things are?!)

5. Next week I am going to start a Cassandra Goad book club with English, Spanish, Italian and French book suggestions (why not read their writers now we can't travel there?)

6. And, of course I will write about jewels, gemstones and my design inspirations over the coming weeks

7. Last of all, I will be burning my Feuille De Lavande scented candle from Diptyque (as we do in the shop) while I write these notes. A reminder of all of you and your visits to Sloane Street over the years.

Keep well. Keep smiling.


Our online store is open 24 hours a day and we will wherever possible, deliver your orders to you during this time.

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