Christmas Games

Christmas games are one of my favourite things at this time of year. As a family we have games that we play year after year with all age groups. I hope your family enjoys them as much as mine does.

Kim's Game

This is a really quick and fun game.

1. Lay 13 objects on a tray - they can be anything you like and I always do 13 because it's my lucky number.

2. Cover with a tea towel to hide them from everyone. Give everyone playing a piece of paper and a pencil.

3. Put the tray where everyone can see it. Remove the tea towel and give everyone one minute to memorise what is on the tray.

4. After one minute, cover the tray again and ask everyone to write down as many things from the tray as they can remember.

5. The first one to write down all 13 items, wins!

Snowflake Game

1. Take a Square piece of paper and fold it in half into triangle.

2. Fold it three more times and you will have a small folded triangle.

3. Now, cutting into the triangle create patterns and shapes of your choice.

4. The more you cut out the more intricate your snowflake will be!

5. Once you are happy with the cutouts, carefully unfold to see your snowflake creation....


Fill your home with scents of Christmas

1. Take an orange and criss-cross a ribbon round it. Use a pin at each end to secure the ribbon in place. Make sure you do this very tightly as the orange will shrink over time. You should have some ribbon lengths left at one end that you can use to hang up your orange.

2. Once the ribbon is secure, start pushing cloves into the orange in a design of your choice. I like to follow the ribbon or you could get creative and do a Christmas tree or star!

3. When you are finished with the design hang your orange somewhere that is not too cold, and it will smell wonderful for weeks.

Family Desert Island Discs

1. Create a playlist on Spotify.

2. Ask every family member to add their eight Desert Island Discs to the playlist. The eight tracks should be the eight songs you would take to a Desert Island and why.

3. Play the playlist over the course of an evening and discuss each other's choices. There will likely be some unexpected ones!

Homophones Word Play

1. Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen and tell them they will have two minutes once the game is explained.

2. Explain the game... write down as many homophones as you can in two minutes. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently such as no and know or fare and fair.

3. Once the time is up, swap paper with the person next to you and one by one read out all the homophones in front of you. The winner is the person that wrote down the most!

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