Flowers in Bloom

A frame of blushing roses in honour of this years Chelsea in Bloom theme, Flowers on Film, where La Vie En Rose blossoms, in every possible sense.

Before entering the Cassandra Goad townhouse, guests were greeted by a frame of blushing roses in honour of Chelsea in Bloom: a porthole into the store and Cassandra's new collection, where La Vie En Rose blossoms, in every possible sense.

Here, Cassandra is launching La Belle France collection, celebrating the wonders of France, La Vie En Rose and bringing together rose-tinted memories, life's beautiful moments and precious jewellery.

Guests weave through the fragrant floral displays, overflowing with flowers freshly picked that morning from Cassandra's garden, and take in the new designs as if in a Parisian gallery. From the sparkling Fleur De Lys and Roi Soleil pendants and multicoloured twinkling Baguette rings to the sculptural Patisserie bracelets and golden Noisette drops.

Downstairs, meanwhile, is a new installation for the store: the workshop of our celebrated seal engraver who has worked with Cassandra for many years (she has known him since she was thirteeen). 200 years of craftsmanship and a skill set passed across six generations is engraved into this unique work space and collection of tools, that has been transported meticulously to London. There's an interesting juxtaposition between all of these tools and strong materials and the outcome of precise and delicate work. Once again you're reminded of beautiful roses and La Vie En Rose.

Then, there's the champagne and the unmistakable tastes of La Belle France, from Beaufort, Tomme and Cantal cheeses to saucisson from Lyon with a final flourish of exquisite miniature tarte au citron or lemon tarts.

Chelsea will bloom for the rest of this week, but La Vie En Rose will continue to blossom in the store across the next two years, so if you haven't already, visit us and transport yourself to La Belle France.

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