Frida Kahlo: Through The Lens Of Nickolas Muray

At Stupinigi, the beautiful hunting palace just outside of Turin, Italy, there is currently a wonderful romantic exhibition about Frida Kahlo.

This exhibition focuses on the photographs of Frida, taken by the photographer Nickolas Muray who was also her lover.

Muray took many of the well-known and iconic photos of Frida, in her signature Mexican dresses of bright colours and ruffles, against interesting and often colourful backgrounds.

His portrait of her in 1939 in a black dress with a gold necklace, against an emerald green wallpaper background of white flowers, is probably his most famous portrait of her. This is the first time in Europe that these portraits have been shown.

In the sequence of rooms, the portraits are displayed amongst Mexican decorations, cacti and even a portrait of Frida made of 'Chiodini Torinese' - small pins that can be used to make Pixel Art.

The exhibition is on until the 3rd May 2020. The Palace of Stupinigi is about 20 minutes outside of Turin and you can walk around the park as well as seeing the exhibition. It is well worth a visit, and if you are there soon buy some of the delicious pastries made for carnival, known as 'Bugie' in Piedmont - you may know them from other Italian cities as 'chiacchiere.'

I devoured an entire basket of them on Sunday afternoon, the delicious twists of sweet pastry, sending clouds of powdery sugar over the snowdrops embroidered on my Alice Archer cloak.

I have found great inspiration through Frida Kahlo's life and her great love affairs. My Frida pendant is named after her - it's bold almost "locket-like" shape is a wonderful way to set gemstones from my travels as a pendant or earrings. If you have a stone you would like to set in this design, do bring it in and we would be delighted to set it for you.

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