Iconic Symbols of Innocence and Good Faith

If there is a christening or confirmation drawing near, Cassandra has beautiful gift ideas that will last a lifetime whether it be for a grandchild, goddaughter or godson.

The tradition of giving a cross is made easy by Cassandra's variety of designs, ranging from the simple St Thomas cross to the intricate Madrid cross adorned with pearls, blue topaz or blue sapphires.

Alternatively gift a saint pendant to protect them; perhaps a St. Michael, the saint who triumphs over the devil and wickedness or a St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, to look after them throughout their life journeys.

Alice Letter Initials

Cassandra's Alice Alphabet Letters were inspired by the typefaces at the Type Museum, London, combined with a fascination for style of script, both ancient and modern.

Originally conceived after discussing making a smaller collection of letters with a client who wanted one for his daughter Alice to celebrate her success at school.

The Alice Letters are perfect for congratulating a loved one or as a personalised christening or confirmation gift.

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