The Remarkable Mexican Woman Artist: Frida Kahlo

Cassandra's Frida Collection was inspired by the love story between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, and so it seemed very fitting to celebrate Frida for International Women's Day!

Cassandra's Festival of Mexico this week has included a celebration of the international Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. On Wednesday Claire Wilcox, the curator of the V and A Museum's Frida exhibition last summer, was in 'conversacion' with Cassandra and the artist Luke Martineau about the bespoke worlds of the Artist, Curator and Jeweller. Together they referenced the extraordinary works of Frida, who often painted whilst she lay invalided on her back in her bed.

Diego Rivera, twice Frida's husband, would put Frida into his murals. He also painted a wonderful series of paintings of native women carrying baskets of flowers. One of Cassandra's favourites is the painting 'The Flower Seller' which appears in Country Life this week as her favourite painting.

Whilst Diego was painting his murals, Frida used to take his lunch to him in a covered basket, and it was this that inspired Cassandra's bejewelled Frida collection. Set with unique stones, the Frida Pendants come in a variety of sizes, that can be worn as a necklace pendant or earrings.

Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly.

Frida Kahlo

We also have one of our beautiful quote pendants with the words of Frida Kahlo hand engraved, in both gold and silver.

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