Moving forwards... into spring time!

If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, or just want to give someone
you love a little present to keep them smiling in the days ahead, do have a look online at, and we will be very happy to send you a jewel from our collections.

We can still make dreams come true.

Thinking about Easter and chocolate!

Easter always brings back lovely memories of Easter Egg hunts when the children were small. I have been planning at home where to hide the eggs around the house and in the garden, (a few tips to come next week!).

I love to dream up impossible hiding places in the middle of the night, smiling as I wonder who in the family will find them first? Whose basket will be overflowing with chocolate? Why not make the prize egg one of my Cocoa Pods. The golden pods that slide open sideways to reveal the tiny beans of rose cut sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds that lie hidden secretly in one side of the pod.

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