New life to your earlobes?

Cassandra has a secret..... One she is happy to share with you this summer: if your earrings no longer sit as well as they once did, it might be the moment to have them sewn up and later, re-pierced.

For many years Cassandra has worked closely with her friend David Gault to repair torn earlobes. David specialises in restoring ears and making your earrings hang perfectly. In short - he is a genius.

This summer, with the launch of her new collection themed on Morocco (and some wonderful dangly earrings that just didn't sit as well as they should have) Cassandra decided to have her own ears repaired. She had a short first appointment with David to assess her ears, followed by the half hour long procedure a week or so later - nobody noticed anything different when she came back to the shop later that afternoon, or when she went out to dinner that evening.

Five days later she had a follow up with David to remove the stitches and after 3 months her ears can be re-pierced. Cassandra's excitement is building as she will be able to wear fabulous earrings again come October.

So, if you have been wondering whether your earrings might sit a little better, then the first step is to email David Gault: [email protected]. And then, start dreaming about those exciting and fun earrings you can wear this autumn when all the parties start happening. For Cassandra, it was the perfect COVID lockdown project!

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