Qut'b Minar Design Story

Inspired by the Qut'b Minar minaret in Delhi.

On my travels to India, I was captivated by the ancient artistry I saw at the Qut'b Minar minaret in Delhi, from the heights of the soaring tower to the still marble tomb below. It was here that I found inspiration for my Qut'b Minar bracelet, ring and cuff.

Instantly, I began to wonder - how could I capture the lightness of marble, coupled with the intricacy and depth of the carvings within it, in an entirely different material: gold.

Starting with the ring, I realised I had to be inventive with this design to create a truly 3D effect. So after creating a pattern and deciding on the right proportions, for a ring that could be worn at any time, I built a liner within it, so each twist and turn of gold gleams against a smooth and serene backdrop.

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