Recycling And Repurposing

At Cassandra Goad we create experiences that last forever with jewels, whilst also creating happiness and memories that evolve over generations.

We want to encourage you to become 'jewellery guardians', to love and wear your jewels for years to come, pass them on, and inspire the next generation to do exactly the same. Cassandra designs and crafts her jewellery so that it lasts a lifetime as well as generations to come as it is handed down.

And, it is ok to repurpose and recycle your jewels along the way too... Cassandra loves to redesign old family heirlooms into jewels you love to wear, without compromising their original sentiments. Every week in the workshop, we are constantly creating new bespoke jewellery designs from unworn gold and silver you bring in to us, like the aquamarine and diamond ring made from an old bar brooch (see below). We also reset your stones and antiquated jewels into more wearable designs (see diamond ring below).

So next time you have a moment with your jewellery box, put all those pieces you no longer wear to one side and bring them in to discuss with Cassandra.

At Cassandra Goad we know how every piece is made, and where the raw materials have come from. From the sourcing of stones, right down to which craftsmen polished the finished piece, Cassandra overlooks all aspects, making sure that you can be confident about the traceability of your beautiful, and very often 'one-off' pieces of jewellery.

We are also passionate about circularity and reducing single-use plastic, so we are making sure that all of our packaging can be reused and recycled. We offer all our clients the choice of a simpler and more sustainable packaging option, and we have always said to clients to return any unwanted packaging for us to reuse and recycle internally. When you come in store to purchase a piece of jewellery, please do let us know if you would prefer a digital copy of your receipt rather than a printed one.

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