Tennis and Tourmalines

With the Wimbledon Tennis Championships back, it is officially time to start eating strawberries and cream and drinking Pimms!

If you are one of the lucky ones who have managed to secure a ticket, or if you want to dress up at home, Cassandra has put together some ideas for the perfect jewellery to wear whilst watching the tennis.

And if you don't want to watch the tennis...

A Jewellers Journal: Summer Book Recommendations from Cassandra

The Caliphs House

In' The Caliph's House' the writer, Tahir Shah, tells of his adventure moving with his young family from England, to live in the most wonderful, but dilapidated Villa: Dar Khalifa in Casablanca.

Shah made me long for adventure again. His refreshingly funny style had me turning the pages rapidily as I vaulted from terror to laughter as only the unknown adventurer in Morocco can do!! Read it and dream you are building a house in Morocco with exotic Zellije tiled floors, Porte Ouvrant openings into a garden full of exotic scented flowers, and magical spirits whirling around.

Jacques Majorelle

I was first enchanted by Majorelle's art seeing one of his paintings of roofs baking in the sun in the Atlas Mountains. He had mixed his paint with silver, and the reflective shine of the metal made me feel the intense heat bouncing off the surfaces.

Majorelle spent most of his life painting in Morocco, often from his magical garden just outside Marrakesh that he later sold to Yves Saint Laurent: Le Jardin Majorelle. His paintings of the Date Harvest - an important annual October event - are my inspiration for our front window here at the shop in late September this year. The muffled browns of the donkeys jostle with the syrup-golds of ripe dates. All that's missing is the hurried chatter of the bargaining merchants.

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