Thomasina Miers Talks Tortillas and Tacos

Chillis, mythological tortillas, and Mescal...

Cassandra was joined by Thomasina Miers, OBE, founder of the renowned Mexican restaurant group Wahaca, who brought a delectable insight into Mexico's culinary delights. Studying Spanish and first travelling to Mexico "hapless and last minute" when she was 18 years old, Thomasina was simply staggered by the food Mexico had to offer right from the very beginning. Ten years after that first trip, Thomasina went back and spent a year living in Mexico City, entirely absorbed once again and returning back to London with a complete sense of deflation. How could she live without the intense flavours, freshest salsas, citrus zests, chillis (all 200 of them!) and amazing textures that she had discovered? Here she had found the "biggest culinary secret in the whole world." A secret - luckily for us - that she simply had to share. Her dream of opening "the River Cafe of Mexican food" was born.

Back in the UK, Thomasina journeyed from the more refined food of Petersham Nurseries to recreating the excitement of Mexican street food and opening Wahaca, earning herself the title of Masterchef winner along the way. For Thomasina, it's all about honest flavours and not just about heat, and it is this distinct essence of fresh and healthy Mexican food that Thomasina has brought back to the UK. It was a treat to hear her stories and lap up her infectious passion for cooking. A passion that had the whole audience dreaming of delicious recipes and raring to cook up their own Mole sauces!

Mexicans really know how to party...

Thomasina Miers, OBE
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