Turkish Travels

This week we are dreaming of being in Turkey...

While on her travels Cassandra marvelled at the history that commands Turkey and was especially inspired by the craftsmanship in the Topkapi Palace.

One of Cassandra's favourite designs is inspired by Constantinople, the ancient city of Christendom. Her Topkapi design, named after The Topkapi Palace, which was a short walk from Sogukcesme Sokak street where Cassandra stayed in the Sultanahmet. It was here, in one of the rooms of the palace, Cassandra found complete 'diamond encrusted tea services' and bowls full of the 'hubbly bubbly' pipe ends. It was the detail on one of these pipe ends that inspired the Topkapi design, with its intricate diamond settings.

The Topkapi Collection

Discover the Topkapi collection. Pick from one of the iterations of Cassandra's classic design or add to your collection each year.

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