Welcome to Maroc!

Two years of memories, thoughts, design sketches and ideas have filled the pages of my sketchbooks that have now become my Maroc collection.

When I think of my first journey to Morocco I think of the Red City of Marrakech, hidden behind its beautiful gates and fortifications; of its famous magical, chaotic souks filled with anything from spices and tagines to scarves and baskets. I remember driving through the vast Atlas mountains and visiting Berber villages on the way to Toubkal (4227m, the highest peak in North Africa). And on out to the desert sands for nights under the stars full of Eastern promise.

And so my journeys to Morocco continued, with one design journal overflowing into another, inspiring jewels with names that evoke Morocco through all its ages; Porte Ouvrant, Zellije, Mashrabiya Trellis and Raffia are just the beginning...

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