Design Journeys

The unveiling

...of every design journey is a joyous occasion (always accompanied with a legendary party). Each collection has a character of its own, but each, no-less, is unmistakeably Cassandra: the bold and colourful gems, the elegant surface rippled with wit, the pieces alive with light and movement.
These are pieces you delight in wearing; tactile and comfortable, but never ordinary.

What makes Cassandra’s creativity so special is that she never just makes beautiful objects. Every piece is a capsule, capturing the essence of a place she has visited.

She knows what it’s like to walk the streets, to breathe the scents, to meet the people, and to become bewitched by the myths and memories that these hold. Her jewellery, in turn, will enchant you too.

Thus, Cassandra seeks out fresh creative challenges from all corners of the earth. How might she sculpt Instanbul’s undulating skyline onto a cuff? What might tagliatelle look like in burnished gold?
As she works out the answers in sketches and designs, in conversations with her craftsmen, in gold, silver and gems, ultimately only one question remains –

Where next?