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  • Diamond Brooch Redesign

    A beloved antique redesign allows the diamonds in a brooch that is no longer worn to be seen again. Some of the diamonds from this brooch were reset in white gold...

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  • Come over to my pad

    Watery blue aquamarines encircled with glittering diamonds rest on a lily pad in Country Life's delightful piece. Our stunning Serpent ring features alongside the dazzling Beijing Butterfly. ...

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  • Bright Beads

    The Teatro Massimo sits grandly above the bustling streets of Palermo. With long white stairs, imposing columns and majestic lions guarding the entrance you are overcome with awe at the...

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  • Sapphire Ring Remount

    A charming (and rather well worn and loved!) was remounted into a more contemporary setting for an easy to wear style. This is a simple way to rejuvenate unworn rings and give...

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  • Myths and Legends

    The myths and legends that inspired Cassandra ...

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  • Glittering Diamonds

    A  beautiful Art Deco watch from the 1930's. Beloved, yet unworn, the glittering diamonds hidden away. Redesigned into a stunning pair of diamond earrings encapsulating the Art Deco style and essence...

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  • Santa Rosalia

    'A great boat (70 ft long) drawn by 56 mules in two rows, mounted by twenty eight postillions dressed in gold and silver stuffs, with great plumes of ostrich feathers...

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  • Sicilian Summer Reads

    Reading in the gardens of Villa Tasca, Palermo If you can get your hands on a copy of Vincent Cronin's ' The Golden Honeycomb' this is is the most beautifully...

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  • Pigne Design

    Every Sicilian balcony is decorated with 'pigne' - the ceramic pine cones that symbolise immortality. I pierced out the beautiful shape to give the design a lightness and airiness that echoed...

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