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  • Rosario Gagliardi

    Rosario Gagliardi was a famed Sicilian architect who created stunning buildings in the Sicilian Baraoque. It was the ornate railings outside the San Domenico church in Noto where Cassandra imagined...

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  • Ring Unsetting

    A delightfully ornate, yet no longer worn, ring was transformed into a stunning pair of diamond studs. The diamonds are shining once again in simple settings that show them off. This...

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  • Baroque n' Roll

    Our Agrumi yellow gold pendant featured among the effortlessly cool embroidered velvet boots and rockstar bags in October's Harper's Bazaar. Mystical opals surround our Severine moonstone ring and the decadent...

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  • Wedding Anniversaries

    Buy the perfect wedding anniversary present to celebrate that special day and cherish your loved one. Find out what the traditional meaning is and discover exciting ideas for paper (1st),...

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  • Signet Rings

    Choose the shape and style of ring you want. You can choose from traditional yellow gold ovals and cushions, or something more exotic like white gold or stone-set with lapis,...

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  • Diamond Brooch Redesign

    A beloved antique redesign allows the diamonds in a brooch that is no longer worn to be seen again. Some of the diamonds from this brooch were reset in white gold...

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  • Astarte Design


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  • Come over to my pad

    Watery blue aquamarines encircled with glittering diamonds rest on a lily pad in Country Life's delightful piece. Our stunning Serpent ring features alongside the dazzling Beijing Butterfly. ...

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  • Bright Beads

    The Teatro Massimo sits grandly above the bustling streets of Palermo. With long white stairs, imposing columns and majestic lions guarding the entrance you are overcome with awe at the...

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