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  • A Sicilian tableau on Sloane Street

    Cassandra Goad shop front Fermoie and Cassandra not only share a love of beautiful design, but they have both sought inspiration from Sicily; the island that floats, as tempting as...

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  • 2017 Advent Calendar

    The calendar illustration is Cassandra’s interpretation of a seventeenth-century Renaissance cabinet, taken from Palermo’s exquisite Villa Tasca. The cabinet is one half of a pair of striking models that adorns...

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  • Life is better in colour!

    Inspired by the unification of China's two great dynasties - the Qin (221-207 BC) and the Han (206-220AD) - our bestselling Qin & Han earrings each juxtapose two brilliant colours...

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  • Bespoke Gifts - Create a jewel, capture a memory

    Is anything as special as a bespoke, personalised present? From seal-engraved signet rings, dates and initials inside wedding rings to facsimile engravings on cufflinks and golden silhouettes of children and...

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  • Country and Townhouse Gift Guide

    Country and Townhouse's Christmas Gift Guide - featuring the marvelous Viola necklace pendant - facetted ruby petals with a diamond pave surround.   Buy yours! Viola Pave ruby necklace pendant  ...

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  • Breathing New Life Into Old Jewels

    A beautifully traditional three-stone diamond ring reworked into a stunning showstopper with a dazzling centre stone, diamond shank and two layers of diamond pave surround. Are you interested in breathing new...

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  • Intergalactic Adventurer

    In Country and Townhouse's Autumn Winter enriching Jewellery and Watches supplement, our cosmic Severine moonstone cocktail ring was spotted. Now get yours! Severine moonstone ring  ...

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  • Agrumi Aeneus

    The beautiful Agrumi pendant, one of the most beloved designs from Cassandra's Bella Sicilia  journey, has had an exciting update for Christmas. Introducing the delectable Agrumi Aeneus. Like what you see? How about...

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  • Rosario Gagliardi

    Rosario Gagliardi was a famed Sicilian architect who created stunning buildings in the Sicilian Baraoque. It was the ornate railings outside the San Domenico church in Noto where Cassandra imagined...

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