2017 Advent Calendar

By now we hope that you have received our 2017 Advent calendar and are waiting with anticipation for the doors to be opened!

The calendar illustration is Cassandra’s interpretation of a seventeenth-century Renaissance cabinet, taken from Palermo’s exquisite Villa Tasca. The cabinet is one half of a pair of striking models that adorns the Villa's piano nobile. Sitting atop a colourful majolica floor with a crystal chandelier willowing over it, it’s truly a sight to behold. It seems only a short while ago we were photographing the Bella Sicilia collection at Villa Tasca.

VillaTasca chest with Pippa

Notice the illustrations on each door of your calendar: these are exact replicas of the original works, hand-painted onto the backs of glass panels in minute detail to be later inlaid in the ebony framework. They narrate a set of biblical stories in the classical style of the era, bringing you a little tradition this Christmas.

This beautiful chest is echoes her collaboration with the Italian gallery: Brun Fine Art who are exhibiting exquisite works of Italian and Sicilian art in our Sloane Street shop.

chest  doublechest

Villa Tasca has been an endless source of inspiration for Cassandra, and the Villa Tasca collection is adored by many. These designs replicate the ceramic finials that run the length of the villa’s rooftop, overlooking its breath-taking botanical gardens.

Villa Tasca collection

Sicilians do many things well; among them, art and Christmas. We hope you have a magical Christmas in true Sicilian style!

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