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30 years of Journeys...

It was in 1985 that I set up Cassandra Goad. My parents said I was likely to die of aviation fuel poisoning because I travelled so much! I have always loved adventure and observing civilisations and countries and fortunate to speak a few languages, I would escape as often as I could. The patchworks I made as a child became patchworks of adventures, each piece a story, a conversation, a shade of colour, a design, a jewel. At first the designs that came about were quite random. In the last fifteen years, wisdom focused the collections more as I travelled to China, India, Bulgaria etc .

Every collection involves at least two years of research – travelling, reading , talking and finding new friends , sketching, making and remaking maquettes – and leads to designs for  jewels inspired on a different country. The latest of these is Brazil…

Cassandra in Rio Cassandra explores vibrant Brazil


Beatriz Carnaval pendant Beatriz Carnaval pendant - inspired by the work of abstract modernist painter Beatriz Milhazes


Brazilian Shops Vibrant gift shops in Brazil


Brazilian cuffs Cuffs inspired by the iconic beachside pavements in Rio